Meet The Colts New QB

Yesterday the Colts traded a 2021 third-round draft pick and a conditional 2022 second-round pick that could turn into a first-rounder to the Philadelphia Eagles for QB Carson Wentz.
Carson Wentz was the 2nd overall pick from North Dakota State in the 2016 draft. Wentz played 5 years in Philadelphia and was part of the Eagles’ Super Bowl team in the 2017-2018 season. Wentz was the star of that team, leading the Eagles to an 11-2 record and was a potential MVP before tearing his ACL and ending his season. Since his injury Wentz has struggled to get going again, but part of that problem could also be from losing his offensive coordinator. Who was the Eagles’ offensive coordinator during that Super Bowl run? Current head coach of the Colts, Frank Reich.
The Colts will have a different starting QB for week 1 of the season for 5 years in a row. Hopefully Carson Wentz can bring some stability to the position for many years to come in Indianapolis.