Getting Ready For The NBA Bubble

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


The world has been a crazy place the last few months, but at least something can make it feel a little more normal. The NBA is back! Even if there aren’t fans.

After playing 3 exhibition games, the Pacers will play 8 games before starting the playoffs.

August 1st: Philadelphia 76ers

August 3rd: Washington Wizards

August 4th: Orlando Magic

August 6th: Phoenix Suns

August 8th: Los Angeles Lakers

August 10th: Miami Heat

August 12th: Houston Rockets

August 14th: Miami Heat

Victor Oladipo initially opted to not play in the bubble but to only practice with the team. After several good practices he had a change of heart and for now it seems like Victor Oladipo will be in the lineup for the Pacers.

However, the Pacers will be without All-Star Center Domantas Sabonis who had to leave the bubble after a foot injury. His return to the bubble and the Pacers’ lineup is uncertain.

The Pacers are currently the 5th seed in the eastern conference, and they can easily move up or down a spot. They sit 2 games behind the Heat for 4th and only hold a tiebreaker over the 76ers for 6th. While moving from 5th up to 4th might not make a huge difference since there is no home-court advantage in the bubble. Moving down a spot could, because your playoff opponent could change to the Boston Celtics who swept you out of the playoffs last year.