Rule Changes Coming To The NFL

No more preseason OT. 


Onside kicks might be easier. For one year only, the NFL will establish a maximum number of players in the setup zone. Under this rule, only nine players on the receiving team will be allowed in the setup zone during kickoffs.


Replay official has more power. This means that the replay official can now buzz down to fix a missed call. This only applies to objective calls like spotting the ball, overturning an incomplete pass or whether a player is down by contact.


Penalties on extra points are now more consistent. If a team gets penalized on an extra point, it can take the penalty at the 2-yard line OR 15-yard line. If it gets penalized again, the penalty has to be enforced from wherever the first penalty was enforced, so if it has a false start on a 2-point conversion, it could have that enforced at the 2- or 15-yard line. If it had a second false start, it no longer gets an option: it would be enforced from the spot of the first penalty


NFL relaxes its rule for jersey numbers. The NFL also approved the rule to give players at certain positions expanded jersey number options. This rule will allow running backs, receivers, linebackers and defensive backs to wear No. 1-19.