Colts Win On Sunday Night

Source: Cole Dunbar

A wild weather system was moving through the bay area when the Colts took on the 49ers in San Francisco. Rain and wind would have a big effect on the game plan.  

Both teams would try to make their run game work in the sloppy conditions. Moving the ball was no easy task, but both teams scored it well in a back-and-forth 1st half. Colts lead 13-12 heading into the 2nd half of the game.  

Wentz and Garoppolo looked uncomfortable throwing the ball, taking snaps and just handling it in general. The wet and slippery footballs got changed out for dry ones in the second half, but defense would still be the story. The Colts forced turnovers and gave the offense some ideal starting positions. The Colts offense took advantage, outscoring the 49ers 17-6. Colts win 30-18.  

Next up, the Colts are back at home for a huge division game against the Titans.